Ambassador Road Blues I    - Consciousness -


01 - The Ambassador

"It is not now, nor is It tomorrow; who knoweth that which
is Supreme and Wonderful?


02 - It is not now

It has motion and action in the consciousness of another,
but when it is; approached by the thought,
It vanishes." - Rig Veda I.170 1


03 - Imperishable

"1. OM is this imperishable word, OM is the Universe, and this
is the exposition of OM. The past, the present and the future,
all that was, all that is, all that will be, is OM.


04 - Bounds of time

Likewise all else that may exist beyond the bounds of Time,
that too is OM." - Rig Veda I.170 1


05 - All this Universe

"2. All this Universe is the Eternal Brahman, this Self is the Eternal,
and the Self is fourfold."


06 - Now this the Self

"8. Now this the Self, as to the imperishable Word, is OM;
and as to the letters, His parts are the letters
and the letters are His Parts, namly, AUM."


07 - The Waker

"9. The Waker, Vaishvarana, the Universal male,
he is A ,
the first letter, because of Initiality and Pervasiveness:


08 - He that knows

He that knows Him for such, pervades and attains all his desires:
he becomes the source and first."


09 - The Dreamer

"10. The Dreamer, Taijasa, the Inhabitant in Luminous Mind,
He is U ,
the second letter, because of Advance and Centrality:


10 - Eternal

he that knows Him for such, advances the bounds of his knowledge
and rises above difference: nor of his seed is any born that know."


11 - The Sleeper

"11. The sleeper, Prajna, the Lord of Wisdom,
He is M,
the third letter, because of Measure and Finality:


12 - Measure and Finality

He that knows Him for such, measures with himself the Universe
and becomes the departure into the Eternal."


13 - Letterless

""12. Letterless is the fourth, the Incommunicable, the end of
phenomena, the Good, the One that Whom there is no other:
thus is OM .


02 - Into the Self

He that knows is the self and enters by hi self into the Self,
he that knows, he that knows." - OM in Mandukia Upanishad V


15 - Universal motion

"1. All this is for habitation of the Lord, whatsoever is individual
universe of movement in the universal motion.


16 - Any man´s possession

But that renounced thou shouldst enjoy,
lust not after any man´s possession."
Isha Upanishad Verse 1: World as habitation of the Lord


17 - Doing verily

"2. Doing verily, works in this world
one should wish to live a hundred years.


18 - Thus it is in thee

Thus it is in thee and not otherwise than this; action cleaves
not to a man." - Isha Upanishad Verse 2: Doing work


19 - Those worlds

"3. Sunless are those worlds and enveloped in blind gloom


20 - In their passing

whereto all they in their passing hence resort
who are slayers of their souls.
- Isha Upanishad Verse 3: Sunless worlds


21 - Swifter than Mind

"4. One unmoving that is swifter than Mind,
That the Gods reach not, for it progresses ever in front.


22 - Passes beyond others

That, standing, passes beyond others as they run.
In That the Master of Life establishes the Waters."