Ambassador Road Blues III    - Secret Mystery -


45 - The Ambassador

17. The Breath of things is an immortal Life,
but of this body ashes are the end.


46 - It is not now

OM! O Will, remember, that which was done, remember!
O Will remember, that which was done, remember."


47 - Imperishable

"18. agne naya supatha raye asman vishvani deva vayunani vidvan,


48 - Bounds of time

yuyodhyasmaj juhuranameno bhuyishtham te namauktim vidhema."
Isha Upanishad Verse 18: Action and the Divine Will (Agni)


49 - All this Universe

"1. If thou thinkest that thou knowest It well, little indeed dost
thou know the form of the Brahman.


50 - Now this the Self

That of it which is thou, that of It which is in the gods,
this thou has to think out. I think It known."


51 - The Waker

"2. I think not that I know it well and yet I know
that it is not unknown to me.


52 - He that knows

He of us who knows It, knows That;
he knows that it is not unknown to him."


53 - The Dreamer

"3. He by whom It is not thought out, has the thought of It;
he by whom it is thought out, knows it not.


54 - Eternal

It is unknown to the discernment of those who discern of It,
by those who seek not to discern of It, It is discerned."


55 - The Sleeper

"5. If here one comes to that knowledge, then one truly is;
if here one comes not to the knowledge, then great is the perdition.


56 - Measure and Finality

The wise distinguish That in all kinds of becomings
and they pass forward from this world and become immortal."
- Kena Upanishad


57 - Letterless

"5.The Sun verily is Life and the Moon is no more than Matter;
yet truly all this Universe formed and formless is Matter;


58 - Into the Self

therefore Form and Matter are One.
Prusna Upanishad The Capter of the First Question V5


59 - Universal motion

"5. Lo this is he that is Fire and the Sun that burneth,
Rain and Indra and Earth and Air,


60 - Any man�s possession

Matter and Deity, Form and Formless, and Immortality."
Prusna Upanishad The Capter of the Second Question V5


61 - Doing verily

"6. This is that secret mystery which is hidden in Upanishads;
for the Upanishad is the secret of the Veda.


62 - Thus it is in thee

This is that which Brahma knoweth for the Womb of the Eternal
and the older Gods and the sages who knew of This,
became This & were immortal."


63 - Those worlds

"10. Not woman is he, nor man either, nor yet sexless;


64 - In their passing

but whatsoever body He takes, that confineth & preserveth Him." Svetasvatara Upanishad, Chapter V, Verse 10


65 - Swifter than Mind

"12. One God & alone He controlleth the many who have themselves
no separate work nor purpose; and He developeth one seed
into many kinds of creatures:


66 - Passes beyond others

the strong-hearted behold God in their own Self,
therefore for them is everlasting bliss ---